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Gift Shop

According to The Rule of St. Benedict, all work is a participation in the work of the Lord, whether we are praying or working with our hands and minds. Our work supports our community and provides us with alms for the poor who appeal to us.

If you wish to make a purchase, please print out our order form first, and as you discover items you would like to purchase, please write down the appropriate information.

When finished ordering, please enclose your check or money order with the order form and send it to the address on the bottom of the order form.

You may click on the associated button to view that area of the gift shop.

Baby Gifts
Flower Greeting Cards
Music CDs

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Order Form (books)

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Please Print out this order form so that you can fill it out as you browse through our gift shop.

Music from Marymount.

Link to Handmade Baby Booties

BABY GIFTS - Order Form
Trying to promote the “culture of life” which Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, has preached constantly, Sister M. Beverly crochets handmade baby gifts. The baby booties are available from $10 to $20.

The baby booties come with a gift tag which includes laundering instructions. The booties are the smallest size and suitable for infants 3-6 months old.

Sister M. Beverly also enjoys crocheting crib afghans and making baby quilts.The baby quilts are hand-quilted (not tied) and are REAL quilts. They are suitable for cribs, are light-weight and completely washable.

When the item and cost are agreed upon, a down payment of 50% is required for all custom-made items. Please call Sister M. Beverly at (208) 256-4354 and leave a message or contact her by e-mail.

Link to Flower Greeting Cards
Collecting real flowers has become a way of life for us. We enjoy finding where and when the wildflowers grow. We also cultivate flowers for harvesting in our hand-watered garden . We study books so we know the names of all the flowers. Some flowering plants, which are classified as “weeds,” are beautiful and useful to us.

With the hand-picked, pressed and dried, and carefully stored flowers, we create greeting cards all year long. We do not charge for the time involved because we have no way of calculating what that would be. Our flower cards have become our trademark industry!

There are two kinds of flower cards. Those cards with REAL flowers are originals…unique, unrepeatable, and often purchased to be framed or used as gifts. We have also discovered a new way to preserve the real flower cards…by printing them. These cards are color prints of the original real flower cards. These can be viewed here and purchased by order numbers. We continue to add new printed cards so return to our Website often to see new designs.

The real flowers are mounted on card stock paper and come with envelopes. They are laminated so the flowers are preserved. The cards are blank inside. If you order real flower cards, we will send you a selection from our available supply.

The printed flower cards are on ultra-glossy, photo-quality paper. The cards are blank inside. The cards are 4-½” by 6-¼” in size and come with white envelopes. Sets of 6 cards or more come in a handy storage envelope.

The Heart cards are 5” x 7” and come with white envelopes. They are blank inside. The words (“Love” “Peace” and “Joy”) on the outside of the cards are printed from the original calligraphy work of Sister M. Beverly. There are 4 different heart designs.

Each printed flower card has the name of the flower(s) used in the design shown on the back cover. It also has a small paragraph identifying Marymount Hermitage and us. These printed flower cards are printed from the original flower card. As the flowers fade, the card is discontinued. So the cards, like the original flowers, are always fresh and new.

Our name and copyright notice viewed on the front of each card in the gift shop does not appear on the actual card.

Cards may appear to have speckles on them. These are actually part of the design of the original card paper and not printing defects. As you will see, our printer does a superb job of reproducing the minute details in the card and flowers.

May God the Father and Creator be praised in all we do in His Name.

Link to Handmade Rosaries

ROSARIES - Order Form
In keeping with our way of life in which we strive to “pray unceasingly,” Sister Rebecca Mary prays while she makes each rosary. Each rosary is handmade.

Rosaries made from nickel silver metal and with glass or wooden beads, range in price from $20 to $30.



We have started a new venture into the book business. Sister Rebecca Mary has quite a talent for weaving great children's book stories and is a very good illustrator as well. Although funny and captivating, the books teach eternal truths about God and what He expects of us.

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